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from Robert PARKER

La Mourvache:
91 pts
Compostelle rosť: 91 pts
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Tokyo, Japan: L'OSIER

L'Osier Restaurant in Tokyo

We made our second professional visit to this prestigious house, icon of the French cuisine in Tokyo. Here Shiseido, the cosmetic firm, did its best so that all is perfect. Pieces of furniture made expressly to them, their collection of contemporary art and art-nouveau and room to accommodate no more than 40 people.

Our hosts are the two sommeliers of the house, the Chef Bruno Ménard and Lionel Lavernhe, Headwaiter.

Bruno Ménard

We came to give a report of the new vintages, and we will taste 4 wines, of which white Compostelle 2007, Avec des Si 2005, and Armonio 2004 and 2005.

Bruno Ménard had already appreciated the wines at the time of our first visit, but it is obviously surprised of the minerality and the greediness of the 2007. Follower of Jacques Drew, he comments on this wine:

“It is really what I can call precise, the precision which puts in harmony the moment, the guests, the kitchen. Precision is what I care the most in the kitchen, the balance of savors, the perfumes and textures”

L'Osier Restaurant in Tokyo

He will briefly explain all of the search that encourages us to use our craft to achieve the precision, the balance, that constitute the esthetics he compares to us.

When I ask him about the pairing that this wine inspires him, he recalls to his origins in la Loire, his years brought near Jean Bardet and then he disappears to the kitchen asking us for a few minutes of patience.

Patience rewarded by the arrival of a silver plate where are laid the mouthfuls summary of a dish à la carte nowadays at L’ Osier. It is about ultra fresh mackerel cooked at low temperature, whose consistency is raised by a crystallized currant, a piece of mango and a fragment of peppermint.

L'Osier Restaurant in Tokyo

Balance is superb, successful alliance with the wine. And Bruno Ménard explains: “Of course, we are compelled for the people who come looking for preparations with white truffle, fish and shellfish and the noble meats, but it is also necessary to know to sublimate simpler products, by the emergence of a balance, the precision by construction. ».

Then it is with pleasure that the chief orders us a case of white Compostelle on a purely personal basis, before going out again towards its workshop for the end of the arrangements.

A beautiful visit and occasion for us to warmly recommend to you to go to L’ Osier, and to plan your visit well in advance as it is booked several weeks in advance.

In their wine list: Armonio, Mourvache, white Compostelle.

Studio Amarante

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