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Vinification and maturation

During the vinification process, particular attention is paid to monitoring...
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Rhone Paradox : Rhone with a "cool" touch

After experimenting winemaking and vinegrowing in the southern-most tip of the Rhône Valley, I decided to search other grape combinations or micro terroirs that would display the same grace and elegance as the one I encountered for Mas Neuf range.

I have been lucky enough that two leaders of their respective areas, namely François Villard from Côte Rôtie, St Joseph, and Vincent and Pascal Maurel, from Châteauneuf du Pape, accepted to share this experience. After 18 months of common work, we are extremely proud that these "duets" shape into our first wine collection with 6 new wines, all truthful to their Rhône origin. Not to forget Louis Mitjavile (Tertre Roteboeuf and Roc de Cambes) with whom the famous cuvee Armonio is shaping its 11th vintage in 2012

Please share with us the discovery of this Rhône Paradox range, Rhône with a "cool" touch.

"Les Conviviales"

Les Conviviales red white and rosé

Our terroirs are bathed in the Mediterranean sun and cool breezes that allow gatherings, festive and laid back encounters around a table.

These wines are designed having this atmosphere in mind :
- Simple, they express the varietal characteristics
- Fresh and easy to combine with simple yet fresh food, or even as such before lunch or dinner.

A range matching all occasions.

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"Essential range"

Essential range: Mas Neuf Costieres de Nimes and Cotes du Rhone

First and foremost the Mas Neuf estate entry wine range, with its famous SGM (Syrah Grenache Mourvèdre) blend, a Provençal rosé made of Cinsault and Mourvèdre, and a lovely blend of old grenache vines and Roussanne for the white.

And to complete the Rhône sensation, an exclusive plot selection of right Rhône bank old Grenache vines to produce Côtes du Rhône...

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"Gastronomic range"

Gastronomic range: Compostelle, Crozes Hermitage and St Joseph

At the Southern end of the Rhône, the famous reserve Cuvee Compostelle, from Mas Neuf, and its Syrah Mourvedre selected blend for the red, and a roussanne predominant cuvee with a touch of Viognier for the white.

On the Northern Rhône side, a tender Crozes Hermitage, and a superbly balanced St Joseph.

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"Block selections"

Mas Neuf block selections

They exemplify the quintessence of our work, both on the vine and in the cellar. La Mourvache and Avec des Si... blends are both refined and powerful at the same time. They exhibit the complexity and the richness of our terroir and offer good potential for laying down.

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"Les Crus"

Les Crus: Armonio, Chateauneuf du Pape, Cote Rotie and Condrieu

Armonio range, great wines made with Louis Mitjavile from Tertre Roteboeuf, a superb Châteauneuf du Pape crafted with the gentle touch of the Maurel brothers help, and a magnificent duet of François Villard specially selected Côte Rôtie and Condrieu.

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Mas Neuf Olive Oil

Mas Neuf olive oil

100% picholine this extra virgin olive oil is made with selectively hand picked olives, then processed through a gentle cold pressuring, to protect these natural flavours of fennel and raw artichoke.

PNo filtration, we only decant the oil for a couple of months before bottling it in dark bottles to protect our precious product from light. This ensure an optimal protection for polyphenols, one of the great health assets of this particular variety of olive oil.

This product will enter the brand new Appellation of Origin : Picholine Olive Oil from Nimes in 2004.

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